Services – Reliable loading!

Our services match the needs of our customers. We constantly monitor their shipments and with our flexibility, our price awareness and our deep knowledge of the industry we always find the perfect solution. We are the international supply chain team that overcomes every challenge. We always seek for a way of making it better and easier. Services of Sors logistics have no secret agenda, as we keep our promises!


International shipping advice

Our team has more than 10 nationalities. We have extensive knowledge of international markets, which is a vital element to provide you with the best shipping advices. Either it is best routes, or best quotations, our team is fully experienced to provide you with the best advice.

Documentation and legalisation

We take care of your legal documentation which need to accompany the shipments. With good knowledge on the process of issuance of animal health certificates and long-standing contacts within the veterinary authorities, we can facilitate the smooth issuance of certificates. Our broad network and vast experience with many export destinations, makes sure we know when and where to legalise the necessary documents.

Customs clearance

The core part of our service includes handling of customs for import & export. It can be tricky when it comes to customs rules and regulations, but our team has extensive knowhow of the correct and legal customs processes. Your documentations – our knowledge!

Monitoring and inspections

In order to have minimum commercial risks it is important to have monitoring and inspection of your cargo. Are you loading a container where you do not have a network and want to control the quality? Sors is there to help you. Our local quality inspectors are always available at your loading locations to conduct the quality inspections and make sure you receive the right product.

Warehousing or cold storage

Reefer containers, cold storage, outdoor or indoor warehouses? Palletized or non-palletized goods? We take care of everything. Our qualified workforce can arrange any type of location for you. Safe transport, orderly organisation and secure storage are our main priorities.


When it comes to packaging or labeling of products, Sors is always available to provide you with outstanding service to match your demands. We have diverse labelling services available to pick, pack and label the products at your request. Either perishable or non-perishable.


For each mode of transport by either sea, road or air there are different terms of use and a variety of regulations. Taking into account low costs, best conditions and extended cover, we make sure that your cargo is fully covered.